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Learning from epic fails and making things better next time

Last year at my work we had a handful of students join us for a summer vacation scholarship program here in Sydney and also in Melbourne. Although the students seemed to have a good time, I’ll be the first to … Continue reading


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Thanks to Desired Hair, and Michael Specht for sponsoring HR Club Sydney

In the whirlwind that was last week, I didn’t get a chance to thank my sponsors for the first HR Club Sydney Event and I wanted to give them the recognition they deserved and get the details right. First and … Continue reading

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Lessons from Atlassian- fantastic employer branding and recruitment strategy

I was on the twitter machine this week and happened to come across this: I checked out Atlassian’s website, and I thought I might blog about them because I think they do a great job in the employment brand space. … Continue reading


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Tickets now available to the first HR Club Sydney Event

I am very pleased to have secured a venue for our very first HR Club Sydney event. The event will commence at around 6pm on Monday 24th August at the Forrester’s Hotel, which is located on the Corner of Riley … Continue reading

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Do you Google potential employees?

With the rise of sites like facebook, MySpace and twitter people are essentially creating a permanent digital footprint for themselves which is able to be viewed by almost anyone. In adjusting your privacy settings, you can protect some of your … Continue reading

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Er… what is Talent Management exactly?

Talent management is a concept that has been around for a while particularly in response to the ‘war for talent’. But what is it exactly? Talent management is hard to define as the processes and what it involves can vary … Continue reading

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Lessons from Air New Zealand- HR and Recruitment

I was reading “Vendor View: Kiwi invasion of the Australian recruitment market” on Destination Talent this morning and was reminded of the great things that Air New Zealand are doing in the HR/Recruitment space (I also travelled with them to … Continue reading

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Social Recruitment gaining grounds- post on DestinationTalent

The social media world is buzzing at the moment and HR people are listening and starting to get involved; particularly for recruitment purposes. Have you dipped your toe in or still sitting back to see how others go when they … Continue reading

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