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Twitter in the classroom to assist not distract?

Happy Monday everybody! I’m actually preparing to fly to Melbourne this afternoon for a group HR planning day tomorrow. I’m pretty excited because I have managed to snag 30 mins on the agenda to talk about opportunities for HR in … Continue reading

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HR departments: I’ve never really understood the point of them

Oh my goodness. I’m sitting there yesterday, on the NSW public holiday watching Dr Phil (episode on obsession and yes I’m a huge Dr Phil fan lol!) when I see this article on twitter (care of @aarondodd). Yep- it’s called … Continue reading


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Employee engagement- can you do it on your own or should you get help?

Happy Monday everybody! I can hear the groans already. Mondays are a bit of a pain but then again, you have to start somewhere. Aside from being a morning person, I opened my mail this morning to find this little … Continue reading

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Jack Welch Says HR Managers Have the Most Important Job in America

Earlier this week I wrote a post “Banking on People”, which outlined David Morgan’s speach at the AHRI National Convention. He made a number of genuine statements about how important people are to your business and how important it was … Continue reading


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Future Files: a history of the next 50 years. Richard Watson speaks at the AHRI National Convention

Richard Watson Check out his blog. Prediction is a dangerous game – the future is never a straight, linear extrapolation from the present. Unexpected innovations and events conspire to trip up the best-laid plans, but predicting is better than not … Continue reading

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Your Manager is a greater predictor of your life satisfaction than your partner; Work Life Conflict in Australia

Linda Duxbury We all play many roles: employee, boss, subordinate, spouse, parent, child, sibling and friend. Each of these roles imposes demands on us which require time, energy and commitment. Work-family or work-life conflict occurs when the cumulative demands of … Continue reading

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North Ryde Human Resources Network

Last week, a colleague of mine introduced me to the North Ryde Human Resources Network which is a regional group of HR Managers and Professionals who work in the Northern Suburbs Business Hub. It’s all about local networking and the … Continue reading


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Performance Appraisals- is it cringe time at your work too?

If the thought of performance appraisal time at your workplace as a HR professional makes you break out in hives,  get some antihistamines and try not to stress- you aren’t alone. Why is it so stressful? Like most HR pros … Continue reading

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What is this?

I want to start a community for Human Resources Professionals in Sydney. I’ve found in the first few years of my career that talking and networking with others working in HR has been the best way of learning. Even from … Continue reading

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